About Me


In my soul I’m a Graphic Designer, Doodler, Illustrator, Photographer, Artist, Idea creator, Web Designer … or as I like to call myself a ‘visual scientist’ operating under my creative guise of Mr Arteest.

Through my rose tinted glasses the past was a magical time filled with college, university, and then running my own design studio and urban art space (Kitche-en Gallery), times of freedom, expression and learning within a bubble of joy and fun and everything I could have dreamed of. Everything I had dreamed of doing.

In the 10 years since those hedonistic days I’ve presented my own photography and artwork in exhibitions around the country; I’ve lectured in the creative institutes of The University of Teesside and Cleveland College of Art & Design; I’ve worked with children & young adults within school workshop environments across the North East; I’ve been creative director of the most influential independent creative writing magazine the North East has known and I’ve worked with some great clients to answer graphic and web design briefs of all shapes and sizes.

I am now a proud dad of a cheeky little boy and I dedicate most of my time to my day job and raising him as well as the odd day out cycling (amongst other social activities).

And of course I continue to work freelance on all manner of projects that come my way as well as being a happy snapper with my iPhone to fill up the instagram account and keep a visual diary of my life.

If you ever fancy a cup of tea or coffee and a natter to challenge me with anything remotely creative feel free to contact me through any of the media channels I exist on.

Peace, Love and squiggly lines all lining up to be as straight as possible, Mr Arteest (Mark).

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