What’s your carbon footprint?

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Today is world environment day and this year’s theme is biodiversity. If you aren’t aware, biodiversity is vital for the balance of all life.

There is a lot of research that suggests we will be facing many more pandemics like the one we’re currently in if we don’t rebalance. One way to really help is to calculate your carbon footprint to see what impact you are having.

What do you do?

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In the words of Muhammad Ali: ‘Me, We’

People often wonder what they will get with Mr Arteest. It’s a common question I’ve faced through my life “So what do you do?” Well, I’m like anyone else, I’m a mixture of all different things and my creations often cross and blur the boundaries between graphic design, photography, art, illustration and big ideas.

The services I offer don’t really fit into one nice neat little box. The one thing you are guaranteed when working with me on any project is a great big slice of my personality. To help understand what that might look like…

It’s OK to Feel…

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It’s ok to feel angry, It’s ok to feel sad, It’s ok to feel happy

Today we’re all waking up feeling different to each other. The spectrum of emotions that we have as humans is quite special. It’s one of the reasons it’s believed we have been so successful as a species. Our social function which is all intertwined with language, emotions and ability to communicate them (although some struggle to read and express emotions more than others), it takes practise so lets keep practising today.

I am an Aspie

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Aspie – a person with Asperger’s syndrome.

I am an Aspie – A person with Aspergers, on the Autistic Spectrum

I originally posted this image back in October 2017 on my Instagram account. This was around the time I discovered I had Asperger’s. At the time, I didn’t add any comment or reference for it, it was just the image and it kind of went overlooked. I wasn’t ready at that time to really discuss things, I was still making sense of it. I’ve just reposted it this year (2020) as I felt I had something to add to the Mental Health Awareness week discussions going on.