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For the past year or so I’ve been using an A4 Lightbox to put statements on which I display in my living room window facing onto the street. Think of it like an analogue status update.

Window displaying lightbox and rainbow with quote Keep Dancing Baby
Window displaying Lightbox quote with Keep on dancing baby

Many passers-by have commented on the statements and it’s become a bit of a social duty to keep them going.
If I don’t replace them often enough, people ask me what the next one will say.

Lightbox quote displaying Keep on Dancing Baby
Keep on Dancing Baby

The statements are not themed at all. Sometimes they are political, sometimes motivational; thought-provoking; song lyrics or just gobble-di-gook. Whatever is on my mind really. The challenge is fitting the statement into the confined space of the Lightbox. It’s a bit like the original Twitter update or old school text messages where you could only use 140 characters.

Lightbox quote displaying 'Tell me what you think' with navy blue background and stars
Tell me what you think

With the current lockdown in place due to the Coronavirus outbreak, less people are out and about to see the messages which is a shame. After re-reading the incredibly inspirational book: ‘Make It Now’ by Anthony Burrill I thought of ways I could do something to bring these messages to more people.

Lightbox quote displaying 'Say yes more than no!'
Say yes more than no!

So I’m bringing my analogue status updates into the digital world. I’ve created a new set of Lightbox Quotes that you can get for FREE. Keep them, share them, print and display them.

To get the full set of 55 Lightbox Quotes please complete your email below.

Browse the full gallery of quotes to see what you can expect:

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