PE With Joe Wicks

PE With Joe

I started the Joe Wicks workouts on on Thursday 26th March with The Pikachu Jumps, after being inspired by my seven year old son who had been taking part.

Doing the Lava Floor Run dressed up as the Mighty Magnificent Mark

I decided to record my sessions to see the improvement I might make and just to have some fun and inspire friends and family to get up and get fit and try the workout.

Friends and family have said I should share my Joe Wicks PE clips to inspire others too (and just to make people laugh cos apparently they’re really funny) so I’m giving it a go.

Doing the Super Sumo Squats on PE with Joe

I take a funny snippet of a different exercise that Joe does each time and upload it.
I’m just an average dad, not super fit but conscious of my health.

I used to cycle to work three days a week on a 20 mile round trip from my home near Tynemouth to the City Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne before Coronavirus hit and I’ve been working from home.

Since I’ve lost a lot of that fitness the PE with Joe workout has been a great start to my day replacing my cycle to work during lockdown.

I love it.

Doing the totally Quakers Duck Walk with Joe Wicks

Please give it a go and don’t worry about taking it too seriously.

Thank you Joe for inspiring a nation and keeping it simple and fun for all.

Please go and check out all of my other clips over on my YouTube channel and subscribe to keep up to date.

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