An Alternative Father’s Day Gift

Fathers Day, My life

#Fathersday in the UK is fast approaching (just three weekends away) and I’ve seen the marketing campaigns kicking off in good time with lots of gift ideas. There’s no denying there’s some lovely things out there.

I just wanted to throw this idea into the mix as an alternative to consider.

I’m a Dad of two boys and you may say it sounds all lovey dovey wishy washy and unrealistic but the best thing I could get for Father’s day is some quality time with them. I don’t even need brekkie in bed. My ideal would be doing a fun activity together; playing footie and frisbee on the grass out the back of our house or getting buried on the beach. Unfortunately there are a lot of children in the world unable to do this with their dads.

This can prove tricky as everyone likes the feeling of giving a gift and this is still an important lesson for children to learn. The trouble is I don’t really need many things to be happy and I usually feel quite guilty (which comes across as ungrateful) if I receive gifts that are unnecessary, there are many people in more need than me and there’s already too much ‘stuff’ that is wasted.

I came across this idea whilst doing our regular donation giving with my eldest. He has a pocket money initiative that works like this: He gets £2/wk, we gift £1 to charity. When the charity ‘money box’ reaches £10 we sit together and pick a charity.

I thought it was a really considerate idea that teaches the children about the needs of other families less fortunate than us, especially during the current pandemic.

There are loads of different gifts to pick from with different values. The gift goes to Unicef and you can opt for an e-card or a print at home card. We did a print at home card so the boys can customise it with some crafty stuff.

This is not a dig at anyone who is buying the normal gifty things for Dad’s. I sometimes get told the way I present things can be upsetting as I seem judgemental. I don’t wish to ever do that to anyone, so I can only apologise. I am just trying to suggest a different option. If there’s a Dad out there with holy socks then he definitely needs a new pair (or two), if he would take great pleasure in a tasty locally brewed real ale… treat the man. But please try to be considerate of wasteful stuff (and plastic crap).

This is also a lovely way to gift for a father that may have passed away. You could always gift to a local charity that may have helped out with any ill health. I know this is something many people do.


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