Attempting to save the planet with eco-friendly wall art store

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Mr Arteest wants to save the planet with eco-friendly wall art.

In the face of adversity, unable to continue my normal day job due to the pandemic, I’ve launched an environmentally friendly online wall art store selling my typographic quotes, photography and graphic design prints. 

In order to give you a bit of idea about it all, I had an interview with a local radio station:

Who is Mr Arteest?
In my soul, I am a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, artist and idea creator. I am passionate about saving our planet from the perils of climate change. I really believe that small actions and changes can make a bigger, positive impact to help save our environment. It’s about creating a movement, a bit like stepping into the gym or going for your first jog. It starts with doing just a short bit of exercise, then it builds.

I have two boys, aged seven and two. I spend most of my time helping raise them with my wife just up the road from the small coastal village of Cullercoats. You can usually find me walking, cycling or playing somewhere along the beautiful North East coastline. I’m keen to repay the debt I feel we owe to the oceans, the wildlife and the planet and I’m hopeful of a brighter, greener future for his boys to enjoy. 

What’s your print store’s mission?
I set up my online print store to sell eco-friendly wall art prints. You will find high quality environmentally friendly graphic design, typography and photography prints all designed by me to brighten the walls of any home. 
All the designs are limited to just 13 editions, (My lucky number). Limiting the editions makes them more exclusive and special, you can guarantee that you won’t find thousands of other interior design instagrammers with these prints on their beautiful gallery walls. I use a sustainable print facility based in the North of the UK to print all of the designs on FSC certified 100% recycled paper using renewable energy. I use recycled packaging materials with no plastic to send the prints out to customers and if you live local to the North East I even vow to hand deliver your prints using my bike or electric car to keep delivery emissions down. 

Where can we find it? 
The online print store launched on Saturday 20th June. The website is

Why did you create it?
Before lockdown, I was working in a 9-5 office job working in Newcastle City Centre. The pandemic struck and I was unable to continue with my job properly due to committing more time to raising and home schooling my two young boys and being on furlough. It helped me re-evaluate my life and purpose. In the face of adversity, I had a choice to make. I know that coronavirus has been crippling for so many but I’ve tried to remain positive for my family and to use this as an opportunity instead. It’s really sparked up that fire in my belly to pursue my real passion for design combined with helping the environment. 

So how can this save the planet?
I feel that, as with coronavirus, climate change will hit the poorest communities in the world the worst and in my own small way I’m hoping I can help those people. 
I’m not foolish to believe that a small art print can change the world and halt carbon emissions. I know that’s what some critics will be thinking. As I said before, this is about a movement. By making this statement through my prints it encourages people to assess their other spending habits. These small changes build, they add up to a much larger quantity. I want it to be infectious and an active choice, not for me to stand and preach to folks. When you look at the passion for interior design amongst instagrammers, the desire to build the perfect gallery wall is also infectious. Those prints take pride of place in people’s beautifully curated homes. Now, when they look at my environmentally friendly prints, it will hopefully keep it in their mind to think about what other small changes they could make.
We cannot be perfect in reducing our carbon emissions, but we can all do a little bit and spread that to our friends and family then ultimately hold our local councils and government to account too. That’s how we can influence the bigger changes that we need to help the poorest communities, both locally and around the world. 

It certainly sounds ambitious and your designs look great. Where did you learn your craft?
I graduated from the University of Teesside in 2005 with a BA in Graphic Design. I immediately set up my own design studio and contemporary urban art space: Kitch-en Gallery in Middlesbrough. This worked as a catalyst for me to present my photography, design and artwork in exhibitions around the country. I also lectured part time on the Graphic Design course at The University of Teesside and Cleveland College of Art & Design (now the Northern School of Art). I’ve worked with children and young adults within school workshop environments across the North East and was creative director of KENAZ, an independent creative writing magazine for several years.

What’s your hopes for the new store?
I’m excited, this is a new opportunity to really give it the full bells and whistles and create something bigger than just an exhibition of work. I’ve learnt from the past, dealt with the present and I’m looking forward to a greener, brighter future filled with typographic prints of motivational quotes, colourful illustrations and sunset photos of my favourite North East beaches.

Are you ready to help him in his crusade?

Selection of North East beach photos. From top left: 1. Flying high over dunes, Seaton Sluice; 2. Dippin’ a toe at dusk, Tynemouth Longsands; 3. That Truman Show moment, Cullercoats Bay; 4. Bold Bamburgh Castle
Typographic quote style print influenced by the local area.
Environmentally inspired typographic quote with a nod to the famous song lyrics.
Selection of abstract colourful close-up photos taken from spray painted artwork.
Mr Arteest’s flagship character, Mr Smileyman in the ‘Rainbow Love’ print.