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Mr Smileyman has been far too quiet recently. A bit of reflection of myself I guess. He has other things keeping him busy, probably kids or something…


Mr Smileyman having kids would mean he met a Miss Smileylady or ANOTHER Mr Smileyman, or maybe a Mr Grumpy/Sad/Anxiousman(lady)… anyway the point is… what does this partner look like? And even more importantly… what does a Mr Smileybaby look like?

Ok Let’s Continue…

Mr Smileyman is back in action baby!! He’s been getting himself all dressed up again to say a massive “Thank You” to our wonderful NHS and all of the Key Workers who do tireless work every day of the year.

Thankfully they have had a little bit of spotlight shone on them in amongst the awful events that the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused and they are being appreciated as they should be at all times. Hopefully the service they provide does not get easily forgotten after we are over the worst of this pandemic.

Mr Smileyman has also been feeling the rainbow love, he’s always loved rainbows (but not as much as pink). He’s been pinning himself to all sorts of folks with a new 25mm button badge design.

The postcards and the badges have been getting picked up by members of the public helping to spread some joy and cheer in tough times to those that may need a little pick me up. If anybody would like any badges or postcards to be sent out to them please contact me and I can post some out to you. Alternatively you can print and share any of the designs for free.

Pick up a FREE Postcard and badge

As an old motto of Mr Smileyman goes:

“Smile, it’s FREE and it might just make someone’s day”

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