What do you do?

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In the words of Muhammad Ali: ‘Me, We’

People often wonder what they will get with Mr Arteest. It’s a common question I’ve faced through my life “So what do you do?” Well, I’m like anyone else, I’m a mixture of all different things and my creations often cross and blur the boundaries between graphic design, photography, art, illustration and big ideas.

The services I offer don’t really fit into one nice neat little box. The one thing you are guaranteed when working with me on any project is a great big slice of my personality. To help understand what that might look like…

This is me

I like cycling, I like cooking, I like eating healthily and doing exercise. I like being outdoors. I don’t like drinking alcohol. I like music; all different types depending on my mood. I like dancing when there’s good tunes on. I like art & design; doing it, looking at it, feeling it in all shapes and forms. I especially like paper, card and natural materials. I like being a dad and a partner; bringing curiosity to my family with all of the above and below aspects of me. I like inventing, coming up with ideas, getting hands on, making, breaking and fixing things, (I don’t do this enough). I don’t like waste. I like the world; seeing it, exploring it, being in it, not just far away places but local places and seeing the obvious things from a different perspective. I like discovering, I like learning, gaining knowledge about anything and everything. I’m not a fan of gossip, small talk and wasting time. I like efficiency. I like giving my all, just ‘doing enough’ is no good for me. I am passionate, I am opinionated, I am critical, (hopefully constructively, but sometimes not so). I like sharing my thoughts and knowledge in the hope I can help and inspire others (but I know this is often interpreted as interfering). I like teaching and being taught. I especially like teaching my children and listening as they teach me things too. I like to procrastinate, to think. I like to see situations from all different perspectives and contradict myself a lot to really explore a subject. I like to keep an open mind. I like to think I can be me, and people will accept me as all of the above and everything else I can’t remember.

Peace, Love and always growing new branches in life,
Mr Arteest x

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