a selection of free postcards with bright and colourful designs

FREE Postcard Friday

Free Postcard Friday, Personal Projects

It’s FREE Postcard Friday. Who’s got that summer time Friday Feeling?

I started putting a few Mr Smileyman postcards in a little box outside my house about a month ago (April 2020). It was right in the midst of lockdown in the UK. It was a tough time for everyone and I wanted to try and give something back to my local community, help lift some spirits and spread a little joy.

What do you do?

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In the words of Muhammad Ali: ‘Me, We’

People often wonder what they will get with Mr Arteest. It’s a common question I’ve faced through my life “So what do you do?” Well, I’m like anyone else, I’m a mixture of all different things and my creations often cross and blur the boundaries between graphic design, photography, art, illustration and big ideas.

The services I offer don’t really fit into one nice neat little box. The one thing you are guaranteed when working with me on any project is a great big slice of my personality. To help understand what that might look like…

Postcards and pin badges displaying cute smileyman character and thank you message

New Mr Smileyman Designs

Personal Projects

Mr Smileyman has been far too quiet recently. A bit of reflection of myself I guess. He has other things keeping him busy, probably kids or something…


Mr Smileyman having kids would mean he met a Miss Smileylady or ANOTHER Mr Smileyman, or maybe a Mr Grumpy/Sad/Anxiousman(lady)… anyway the point is… what does this partner look like? And even more importantly… what does a Mr Smileybaby look like?