Free Downloadable: Halloween Monster Colour In Sheets

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Have a monstrously spooktacular and horrifying time colouring in some of my friendly, kind and wonderful monster doodles. These colouring in sheets can be downloadeded for free to print from home or send as e-cards.

I love to doodle and I love creating new ‘monsters’. My monster doodles evolved from ‘The Finger People’ a series of characters I did all based on … well the shape of fingers basically.

Free Downloadable Halloween Colouring In Sheets

Now they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with all manner of characteristics but the one thing that’s important to note is… they are all very friendly and kind monsters… helping people realise that ‘monsters’ aren’t all bad. Really they shouldn’t be called monsters at all. They are all just unique and different in their own way and they love to be given new colours to get out in the world and express themselves just however they like.

For halloween I’ve grouped together some of my faves and turned them into free downloadable colouring in sheets for you to print at home and have fun creating new colourful monsters. Share them with your friends or send them as e-cards to celebrate this horrifying time of year.

The colouring in sheets are all hi-resolution A4 designs so you can print them at home easily, if you’re able to, you could even enlarge them to A3 just fine. Download all four of my monstrous colouring in sheets here:

Peace, Love and Trick or Treats,
Mr Arteest x

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