a selection of free postcards with bright and colourful designs

FREE Postcard Friday

Free Postcard Friday, Personal Projects

It’s FREE Postcard Friday. Who’s got that summer time Friday Feeling?

I started putting a few Mr Smileyman postcards in a little box outside my house about a month ago (April 2020). It was right in the midst of lockdown in the UK. It was a tough time for everyone and I wanted to try and give something back to my local community, help lift some spirits and spread a little joy.

Postcards and pin badges displaying cute smileyman character and thank you message

New Mr Smileyman Designs

Personal Projects

Mr Smileyman has been far too quiet recently. A bit of reflection of myself I guess. He has other things keeping him busy, probably kids or something…


Mr Smileyman having kids would mean he met a Miss Smileylady or ANOTHER Mr Smileyman, or maybe a Mr Grumpy/Sad/Anxiousman(lady)… anyway the point is… what does this partner look like? And even more importantly… what does a Mr Smileybaby look like?